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Seizure Detection

EEG monitoring in the intensive care

Artifact reduction

Source Localization

  • Fully automatic head modelling for EEG source imaging. G. Gritsch, F. Fürbaß, M. Hartmann, H. Perko, and T. Kluge, presented at the ACNS 2015 , Houston, 2015.
  • Automatic Onset Localization of Rhytmic EEG Patterns – A Proof of Concept. F. Fürbaß, G. Gritsch, H. Perko, M. Baumgartner, M. Hartmann, T. Kluge; Twenty-second Meeting of the European Neurological Society, Prag, 2012
  • Computer assisted seizure onset zone localization based on ictal EEG. G. Gritsch, M. Hartmann, H. Perko, F. Fürbaß, C. Baumgartner, T. Kluge; Talk at the 16th Congress of the European Federation of Neurological Societies, Stockholm, 2012

Spike Detection

  • A Comparison of Rule-Based and Machine Learning Methods for Classification of Spikes in EEG, W. Ganglberger, G. Gritsch, M. Hartmann, F. Fürbass, H. Perko, A. Skupch, T. Kluge, 2ND Internation Conference on medical information and Bioengineering 2017.
  • Automatic spike detection with patient specific templates, M. Weinkopf, H. Perko, M. Hartmann, G. Gritsch, T. Kluge, American Clinical Neurophysiology Society Annual Meeting 2013.