encevis Epilepsy

The ideal software package for the epilepsy monitoring unit

The software package encevis Epilepsy includes all the tools you need to improve the EEG review for the diagnosis of epilepsy.

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Artifact reduction

All artifacts that might occur during an EEG recording in the epilepsy monitoring unit can be removed with one mouse click. The artifact reduction also makes the analysis features more reliable. Find more details here.

High-sensitive spike detection

All detection results are clustered according to their localization and can be quickly reviewed with an easy to use interface. Find more information here.

Highly-reliable seizure detection

encevis detects electrographic seizures of all kinds. The seizures are classified into different types to make your review more accurate and easier. Find more information here.

EEG trending

Combining the seizure detection with the display of trends makes the review even faster and provides you with insightful information about your patient's EEG. The trends include a unique detection of rhythmic patterns, amplitude-integrated EEG, background frequency and the heart rate. Find more information here.

Fast and easy to use source localization

encevis provides you with 3D localization of spikes and longer rhythmic ictal activity in the EEG in a glimpse of time. This feature is optional. Find more information here.

Online integrated or stand-alone

encevis is available as an integrated part of these EEG systems. encevis can also run online with its online interface.