NeuroTrend for Epilepsy Monitoring Units

Trending for EEG long-term monitoring

Long-term EEG recordings are performed on regular basis in epilepsy monitoring units with the goal to make a differential diagnosis or a presurgical workup. In these recording it is crucial to find all suspicious EEG activity in order to interpret the recording correcty and make the right diagnoiss. It takes time to review long-term EEG recordings and there is always the risk to miss an interesting pattern. When the EEG review is done page by page, it is difficult to get an overall picture of what was going during this long time.

encevis NeuroTrend for EMU enables you to get an overview of hours and even days of EEG recordings on one screen. A combination of a high sensitive seizure detection, a rhythmic pattern detection and a series of quantitative EEG features make this possible. This will enable you to save a lot of precious time and focus on finding the right treatment for your patient.


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Intuitive and easy to use.

encevis was developed with a special focus on user-friendlyness. It is easy to understand and to use.

Overview over several hours of EEG.

encevis NeuroTrend for EMU enables you to easily zoom in and out the results from 5 minutes to 7 days on one screen. This enables you to see the details of all detections and trends and at the same time recognize phases, changes and trends in a glimpse.

Reliable seizure detection.

encevis NeuroTrend for EMU includes the high-sensitive seizure detection. Almost 90% sensitivity for your TLE-patients and around 80% for the complete population of an EMU. Different seizure types are detected separately and show with a color code. Examples are seizures with rhythmic activity, tonic-clonic seizures and seizures combined with an increase of the heart rate. The detections are show on a trace but can also be found in the marker list and can be reviewed anytime. Find more details here.

Rhythmic pattern detection.

encevis NeuroTrend for EMU detects rhythmic delta-, theta- and alpha activity in­cluding localization, and frequency. The physician gathers significant patterns and their changes and trends within a few seconds.

Amplitude-integrated EEG.

encevis NeuroTrend shows state of the art amplitude-integrated EEG. A useful tool to show changes in the overall amplitude of the EEG over time.

Background frequency.

encevis NeuroTrend also shows essential information about the background EEG. The distribution of the signal energy over the frequency bands is shown color-coded and thus is easy to interpret together with an information on the amplitude of the signal component.

Synchronization with EEG.

You can synchronize anytime between the encevis NeuroTrend screen and the EEG in the viewer with just a mouse click.

Validated in clinical studies.

Automatic multimodal detection for long-term seizure documentation in epilepsy, F. Fürbass, S. Kampusch, E. Kaniusas, J. Koren, S. Pirker, R. Hopfengärtner, H. Stefan , T. Kluge, C. Baumgartner, Clinical Neurophysiology, August 2017.

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