New encevis version release!

encevis levels up! The new release is not only MDR-approved, but also enriched with new features.
★ 95% sensitivity of fully-automatic seizure detection
★ 85% sensitivity of fully-automatic spike detection

With encevis, review of epilepsy EEG data is fast, easy and reliable.
Apt for up to 10 days of continuous EEG recordings.

Using AI-powered algorithms, encevis yields a neat overview of:
★ automatically detected EEG events
★ along with summary of ongoing brain activity signal
★ next to (raw or artifact-reduced) EEG data display
★ together with interactive markers for each detected event

encevis V1.11.6 released

The newest encevis version 1.11.6 has been released. This was a maintenance release fixing some smaller issues and introduced some minor improvements to encevis and EpiSight Analyzer. Feel free to try it out

encevis V1.11 released

The newest encevis version 1.11 has been released. Lots of improvements, particularly in the part for ultra long term monitoring. Feel free to try it out

encevis V1.9 released

The newest encevis version 1.9. has been released. Thanks to the advanced deep learning methods, our spike detection made a great leap in terms of sensitivity and speed. This was confirmed in a study that will be published soon. Feel free to try it out!

encevis V1.8 released

The brand new encevis version 1.8. has been released. We added many improvements under the hood to make encevis even more stable and easy to use. You can now open an EEG files without creating a new patient. This “Read-only” mode gives you the possibility to quickly open any files without the need to register a new patient. You can now start the spectrogram from any  time point in the EEG plot without the need to add a marker first.

encevis 1.7 released

The new encevis 1.7 has been released with an even more sensitive seizure detection! Detected seizures can now also be seen in the encevis EEG trending which enables you to observe how the seizure evolves. The new seizure detection differentiates between different types of seizures which makes your EEG review even more efficient. Another new feature in 1.7 is the spectrogram, that shows you the distribution of power into frequency components for any time intervall of your choice.

encevis 1.5 released

The new encevis 1.5 has been released. encevis offers now an online interface to the micromed EEG system. Additionally, a new trace based on the heart rate was added to the EEG trending encevis NeuroTrend. The heart rate trace is based on the EKG signal and enables you to recognize raises in the heart rate in a glimpse.

encevis with DC amplifiers

Artifact reduction in encevis 1.4 can now deal with high DC offsets in EEG from DC coupled amplifiers. If you use encevis with DC-coupled amplifiers please contact us and we will give you a free upgrade to version V1.4