Automated EEG analysis for clinical applications

EEG viewer

The EEG viewer is the base software component of encevis. It enables you to manage and read EEG files of many different EEG manufacturers. Furthermore you can mark and comment interesting parts in your EEG to share your findings with your colleagues.


encevis is a modular based software, so you can combine it with any solutions to fulfill your specific EEG requirements.

Artifact reduction

The artifact reduction PureEEG is the software module for fully automatic artifact removal for your EEG recordings. It removes artifacts due to electrode movements, muscle contractions, line noise and head movements, etc. in a mouse click.
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Seizure detection

With encevis seizure detection solution, seizures will be detected automatically and marked in the EEG for quick review. Use seizure detection also as an online surveillance while you record. Real-time detection alerts medical staff about patients with ongoing clinical seizures.
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Spike detection

Detects spikes automatically and marks them in the EEG for fast review. The review tool gives a quick overview as the clustering of localized spikes over all electrodes. Furthermore it allows also for a detailed spike analysis with the possibility to check the EEG simultaneously.
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Source localization

Going one step beyond the detection of seizures and spikes we support 3D-representation of the epileptic activity on the MRI directly within your review software. encevis source localization performs fast source localization of spikes and ictal EEG activity. Combine with the encevis seizure detection and spike detection and you will get a detailed movie of ictal source localization immediately after recording.
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EEG trending

EEG trending is the software module for automatic analysis and trending of EEGs. It graphically visualizes the results of several hours of EEG to allow a quick assessment of the state of the patient. The software works in real time and allows reading off trends in the functional state of the patient’s brain in one glimpse. Especially designed for a fast and reliable EEG analysis on the intensive care unit.
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