Automatic EEG analysis for clinical applications

Makes your EEG review more efficient

EEG monitoring is labor intensive and time consuming. With more patients within tighter budgets important information needs to be available quickly:

Did seizures occur?
Does the patient have spikes?
Where in the brain does the seizure activity originate?
Where are spikes located?


Our analysis software will help you to speed up the process of your data analysis. Our world leading seizure detection EpiScan offers the highest sensitivity at lowest false alarm rates available on the market. Going one step further we tightly interleaved our seizure detection with our brand new source localization EpiSource: Get the 3D-representation of your patient’s seizure activity directly within your review software and forget about extensive parameter adjustments. While you diagnose the seizure in great detail you will benefit from the new artifact removal pureEEG specifically designed for the high demands of LTM units.

Spend more time with your patients and less behind a computer screen analyzing EEG recordings.