Seizure Detection

Highly sensitive and reliable for the epilepsy monitoring unit

Did seizures occur? Where are suspicious EEG segments? Get a quick overview of your patient’s EEG without running through all your data.

encevis seizure detection will help you speed up the process of EEG review. Our world leading seizure detection offers the highest sensitivity at lowest false alarm rates available on the market. Proven by independent clinical studies you get a reliable system that will provide you with a detailed overview of seizures and suspicious EEG activity of your patient.


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Superior Review.

Want to see all suspicious EEG patterns? encevis seizure detection quickly presents you the EEG segments worth analyzing. Get out 60 EEG segments* from a five day recording catching most of the important episodes and compare this to more than 25.000** screens you will otherwise have to look at! This will make your life so much easier.

High sensitivity.

Get the highest sensitivity of seizure detection systems. 90% sensitivity paired with a low false alarm rate. All this is backed up by independent clinical studies.

Easy to use.

Decide between surveillance and review – start and that’s it. No parameter selection, no difficult decision, no optimization is necessary for encevis seizure detection to perform with its proven sensitivity and specificity. encevis can easily be integrated into the EEG recording software of many different EEG manufacturers. Or use it stand alone.

Extensively tested.

encevis seizure detection is tested on more than 30.000 hours of EEG from different diagnostic centers around Europe.

Application or library.

You are a clinician using an EEG system without seizure detection? encevis seizure detection comes as a standalone application for you. You are a company developing EEG systems looking for a state of the art seizure detection software? encevis is also available as a software library that can be seamlessly integrated into your software.

Validated in studies.

Improving staff response to seizures on the epilepsy monitoring unit with online EEG seizure detection algorithms, N. Rommens, E. Geertsema, L. Jansen Holleboom, F. Cox, G. Visser, Epilepsy & Behavior, July 2018.
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