Source localization

“Source localization has to become much more easy to use. It is a useful tool, but it must be tailored to clinical needs”

Over years electrical source localization was some very complicated piece of magic. Running through highly specialized software with lots of options and parameters to choose made it far to difficult for everyday use in a clinical environment.

encevis source localization will finally change this. We developed a clinical tool that works out of the box. Mark spikes in the EEG, the system will do the rest. Use seizure activity and get a nice and detailed movie of the source of EEG activity over time.


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Easy to use.

Going one step beyond the detection of seizures and spikes we support 3D-representation of the epileptic activity on the MRI directly within your review software. encevis source localization  performs fast source localization of spikes and ictal EEG activity. Almost no user interaction is required making it easy for neurologists to utilize advanced methods for EEG evaluation.

Get the source of your seizure activity

encevis can analyze rhythmic seizure activity in your patient’s EEG. Mark seizures in the EEG or use the automatic seizure detection and encevis will localize the underlying sources. The result will be displayed in a detailed movie that will show you the evolution of the source of the seizure over time.

Of course encevis source localization will work with spikes, too. Select by hand or use the automatic encevis spike detection and calculate the source of your spike.

Combine it with automatic spike and seizure detection.

Combine encevis source localization with the encevis seizure detection and you will get a detailed movie of ictal source localization automatically immediately after recording. No more time consuming switching between different software packages. It will all be there right at your fingertip.

Interested in the origin of spikes? Take the spike clusters you get from encevis spike detection and use it for source localization.

Validated in studies.

Automatic ictal onset source localization in presurgical epilepsy evaluation, J. Koren, G. Gritsch, S. Pirker, J. Herta, H. Perko, T. Kluge, C. Baumgartner, Clinical Neurophysiology, June 2018.
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