Visit us at the 31st International Epilepsy Congress

September 5th-9th in Istanbul

You will find us at booth #25. Come and check out the newest version of encevis, our software package for advanced EEG review. Try out the automatic spike and seizure detection, EpiSpike and EpiScan, and see how easy it is to review the results. Watch the pictures resulting from EpiSource, our source localization. See artifacts disappear with PureEEG, our artifact reduction. Last but not least, find easily rhythmic and periodic patterns as well as burst suppressions in long term EEG with NeuroTrend, our smart EEG trending for the intensive care.

Visit us at the 24th European Stroke Conference

May 13th-15th in Vienna

NeuroTrend is the software of choice for monitoring patients with continuous EEG on the intensive care unit. Check out which new solutions NeuroTrend can offer for your stroke patients. Visit us at booth number 14 next to alphatrace EEG.