International Epilepsy Day (14.02.2024)

Today is International Epilepsy Day – let’s raise epilepsy awareness together!


  • One of the world’s oldest known medical conditions
  • One of the most common neurological disorders

Epilepsy Day:

  • An annual & international awareness-raising initiative
  • Organised by International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) and International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE)
  • Official website:


Article from Austria Presse Agentur (APA) about AI in healthcare

A multi-faceted article describing various applications of AI in healthcare has been published by Austria Presse Agentur (DE).

encevis team members contributed by discussing our solution for automatised data analysis of large EEG datasets for fast and reliable epilepsy diagnosis in adult and pediatric population.

See here:

Our “encevis4kids” project in

A new article (DE) about our project was published on platform.

The publication describes our new projects dedicated to the development of AI-powered algorithms for automatic detection of epileptic spikes and seizures in EEG data recorded from pediatric patients.

Follow the link to read more: