EEG viewing software

Easy to use with all necessary features

Are you looking for a software that can read your EEG recordings? Do you want to be able to configure easily the EEG viewing as you want it, with your annotations, filters and montages?  encevis has been developed with a strong focus on user-friendlyness. All features are easy to find and to use.


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Reads your EEG recording.

encevis can open and read the main EEG file formats. You just need to know location of the files associated with your EEG recording, encevis will read out the EEG traces and the information stored.

Opens several consequent EEG files as one recording.

No need to open and close manually each file in a list of files belonging to the same recording anymore. Several consequent EEG files can be opened at once and viewed as one recording.

Saves the EEG recordings in a database.

Every EEG recording can be saved in a database and can be accessed again later on.

Reads and adds annotations.

encevis can read out annotations that were previously saved to the EEG file. The annotations will be easily accessible over the marker list. You can then add new annotations or generate automatically annotations with the automatic analysis tools.

Provides all kinds of montages.

You can use predefined montages. encevis includes a list of standard referential,  longitudinal and transversial montages. The recorded montage is always accessible. You can also create new montages in the montage editor. Switching from one montage to the other is easily done.

Includes remarkable artifact reduction.

With just one mouse click you can switch the encevis artifact reduction PureEEG on and off. Electrode movements, muscle contractions, line noise, head movements and much more are recognized by PureEEG as artifacts in the EEG and are automatically removed. Patterns from cerebral sources, including EEG rhythms, sleep spindles, evoked potentials, epileptic seizures and spikes remain visible.

Easy to change filters and settings.

encevis includes high pass and low pass filters that are easy to apply. You can configure the colors of the curves as you want, as well as the distance between them.

Easy to use EEG navigation

You can choose to use the mouse or the arrow keys to scroll and navigate through the EEG recording.

Offers spectrogram.

encevis includes a spectrogram that you can apply on an EEG marker that you define.

Includes automated analysis tools.

Once you open your EEG recording, you can easily start the automated analysis tools. Spike and seizure detection and trends will automatically create markers that you can review and also summarize the results in extra windows.

Shows video.

encevis can show the video that was recorded together with your EEG.

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