encevis on the DIO platform

Data Intelligence Offensive (DIO) – Verein zur Förderung der Datenwirtschaft – published an article (DE) describing functionality of encevis, and benefits of incorporating innvoative and AI-powered solutions to support clinicians in their everday work, for example in the epilepsy diagnosis domain.

This article is part of the Xplain-AI project of DIO, which presents and propagates the existing AI applications in an understandable and user-oriented way. encevis is delighted to be part of this initiative!

See here: https://www.dataintelligence.at/encevis-ai-unterstuetzt-mitarbeiterinnen-in-der-gesundheitsbranche/ (DE)

New encevis version release!

encevis levels up! The new release is not only MDR-approved, but also enriched with new features.
★ 95% sensitivity of fully-automatic seizure detection
★ 85% sensitivity of fully-automatic spike detection

With encevis, review of epilepsy EEG data is fast, easy and reliable.
Apt for up to 10 days of continuous EEG recordings.

Using AI-powered algorithms, encevis yields a neat overview of:
★ automatically detected EEG events
★ along with summary of ongoing brain activity signal
★ next to (raw or artifact-reduced) EEG data display
★ together with interactive markers for each detected event