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Trending for continuous EEG  in critical care

NeuroTrend is our new software package for the analysis of EEG on the intensive care unit. According to current studies, 18% of critically ill patients with serious brain diseases suffer from unrecognized non-convulsive epileptic seizures, frequently leading to permanent neurological disabilities.

Continuous EEG monitoring is the tool of choice to recognize clinically invisible deteriorations in order to intervene as necessary. Manually reviewing continuous EEG recordings however requires substantial resources, which are often limited in intensive care units. We offer a solution for this: NeuroTrend, our new software module for automatic analysis and trending of EEGs, graphically visualizes the results of several hours of EEG to allow a quick assessment of the state of the patient. The software works in real time and allows reading off trends in the functional state of the patient’s brain in one glimpse.

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Assisted EEG interpretation.

Reviewing continuous EEG recordings is extremely time consuming and requires the expertise of an experienced Neurologist. Using NeuroTrend simplifies the interpretation of EEGs such that only intermediate experience is required for monitoring and for a first EEG inspection. The expert Neurologist can be consulted only if indicated by trends calculated by NeuroTrend.

Quick review of many hours of EEG.

NeuroTrend graphically visualizes the results of sev­eral hours of EEG on a screen. The software works in real time and allows reading off trends in the func­tional state of the patient’s brain in one glimpse. You can zoom in from minutes to days in order to get the amount of details needed.

Automatic pattern detection.

NeuroTrend detects periodic discharges, rhythmic delta-, theta- and alpha activity, spike-waves in­cluding their localization, and frequency. The physician gathers significant patterns and their changes and trends within a few seconds.

Quantitative EEG-analysis.

NeuroTrend also shows essential information about the background EEG. The pre­dominant frequency, general amplitude and symme­try and can be read off easily in the quantitative EEG panels and in the amplitude-integrated EEG. This al­lows a quick assessment of the state and trend of the patient.

Detection of burst suppression.

A novel detection of burst suppression is part of NeuroTrend. In addition to the detection of burst suppression events, the relative amplitude attenuation and the suppression time of the bursts is shown.

Implements the new ACNS standard.

NeuroTrend is based on the American Clinical Neuro­physiology Society’s Standardized Critical Care EEG Terminology. It parses your EEG recordings and automatically classifies epochs according to Main Terms I and II and selected Major Modifiers of this standardized terminology. A summary of the patterns is displayed on the screen written in the nomenclature of the standard.

Validated in studies.

Reduced electrode arrays for the automated detection of rhythmic and periodic patterns in the intensive care unit: Frequently tried, frequently failed?, J. Herta, J. Koren, F. Fürbass, M. Hartmann , C. Baumgartner, A. Gruber, Clinical Neurophysiology, August 2017.
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