Meet us in our home town Vienna at the ECE 2018 August 26th-29th!

Come and visit us in our home town! At the 13th European Congress on Epileptology. You will find us at booth #29. Check out the newest version of encevis, our software package for computer assisted EEG review and take a free trial version home. Try out the automatic spike and seizure detection and see how easy it is to review the results. See artifacts disappear with our artifact reduction and find out how you can save a lot of your time by using our trending!

encevis 1.7 released

The new encevis 1.7 has been released with an even more sensitive seizure detection! Detected seizures can now also be seen in the encevis EEG trending which enables you to observe how the seizure evolves. The new seizure detection differentiates between different types of seizures which makes your EEG review even more efficient. Another new feature in 1.7 is the spectrogram, that shows you the distribution of power into frequency components for any time intervall of your choice.

encevis 1.5 released

The new encevis 1.5 has been released. encevis offers now an online interface to the micromed EEG system. Additionally, a new trace based on the heart rate was added to the EEG trending encevis NeuroTrend. The heart rate trace is based on the EKG signal and enables you to recognize raises in the heart rate in a glimpse.